Castor Oil Packs

Castor Oil Bean Plan

Health Benefits of Castor Oil

Obtained from the seeds of the plant species Ricinus communis, castor oil has a long and extensive history of use in curing an impressive variety of ailments. Although castor oil packs were first popularized in the 20th century by Edgar Cayce, the oil has been employed as a healing agent for thousands of years in folk medicine. Castor bean seeds, believed to be 4,000 years old, were discovered in Egyptian tombs, and historical records reveal the medicinal use of castor oil in Egypt, India, China, Persia, Africa, Greece, Rome, Southern Europe and the Americas.[1]

What is a Castor oil Pack? 

Castor Oil PackA castor oil pack is an external application of castor oil to the body.  A piece of wool flannel is saturated with castor oil and applied to a specified area with, or without, heat.  The Cayce readings recommend castor oil packs to improve assimilations, eliminations and circulation (especially of the lymphatic system).

Top 10 benefits of Castor oil 

Ref: Castor Oil Packs:  Scientific Tests Verify Therapeutic Value (Grady, 1988)

  1. Eliminations (increased)
  2. Liver (stimulate)
  3. Lesions (dissolve and remove)
  4. Adhesions (dissolve and remove)
  5. Pain (relieve)
  6. Colon impaction (release)
  7. Nervous system in-coordination (reduce)
  8. Gall bladder (stimulate)
  9. Toxemia (reduce)
  10. Lymphatic circulation (increase)

How to make a Castor Oil Pack by EdgarCayceTV

Materials needed

  • Castor oil (preferably cold pressed/processed)
  • Unbleached wool flannel (3-4 pieces or layers about 12”x14” each)
  • 13-gallon trash bags (cut off the edge that is sealed closed and then cut the 2 sides, giving you two identical rectangular pieces. Disposable absorbent under pads are useful but expensive)
  • Standard electric heating pad or hot water bottle (make sure the heating pad is turned off when time is done and it is not set too high that it burns you)
  • Old bed Sheet (note – Castor oil stains, so lying on an old bed sheet and wearing old clothing is recommended)
  • The pack can be used repeatedly and can be kept at room temperature.  If the flannel becomes stained or an irregular odor starts, dispose of the flannel and start with a new one.

RELAX while you are using this pack

Where to place the pack?

Place the pack on your abdomen while lying on your back, making sure the right side of the abdomen is covered (to include the area of the liver).

Note: Castor oil applied to the skin without heat has beneficial health results as well.

Length of time

  • 1-1/2 hours is recommended
  • 4 days on, 3 days off / 5 days on, 2 days off

When NOT to use Castor Oil packs

  • Pregnant
  • On open skin
  • During menstrual cycle

Always consult Dr. Hill (or your physician) before starting any treatment!

A more detailed instruction sheet is available when purchasing your Castor Oil Pack from Hill Chiropractic.


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