Hill Chiropractic Acupuncture - BannerAcupuncture treatment is available at Hill Chiropractic

Traditional Chinese AcupunctureMost western people do not understand what an Acupuncture treatment entails

Acupuncture is a misnomer.  The white man saw a needle go into the body (and out) and no blood came out.  This was a magic that fixed the Western man’s attention…and was named

  • Acu- Latin for needle
  • Puncture – Latin for puncture
  • “Acupuncture”

Consequently Western man believes Acupuncture is only a treatment with needles.

The Chinese name for Acupuncture is Chung Guo I Hsueh.

This literally translates to ‘Middle Kingdom Healing Science’

To summarize a very ancient comprehensive treatise of health care in a sentence / an Overview,

“It is not what you use, but where and when you stimulate the body… to restore energetic balance, function and health”

acupuncture needlesThe use of needles is only one of many ways to stimulate the body…Experts have used thumbs, forearms, elbows, chopsticks, adjustments, electrotherapy, heat, moxa, magnets, oils, Scenar, laser, frequency generators, homeopathic herbs, teas, food diets and exercise.

Tools, Techniques, Methods of Acupuncture treatment in this office includes

  • Thumbs, forearms, elbows (adjustments, pressure and trigger points)
  • Frequency generator laser treatments
  • Russian Scenar – Electro Acupuncture and Biofeedback Therapy
  • German Magnetic Resonance Stimulation (iMRS)
  • Herbal / Homeopathic, Food / Dietary,  and Exercise recommendations
  • Acupuncture needle, Pin Needle and Millet Seed Treatment Therapy

The advantage of having such a diversity of treatment in acupuncture, from a-z / needles to pressure points, is that there is something to offer every single patient for any health challenge.

feng_shui_baguaDietary Recommendations include all 3 classes of Food (Herbs)

First Class Herbs are considered the safest class of food.

Eat as much as you want for prolonged periods of time without harm to your health.

Medicinal Herbs and Supplements are second class herbs.

Prolonged ingestion of this class of herbs can and will make you sick.

Homeopathic Remedies are the third class of herbs.

In Nature they are poisonous and if ingested raw will kill you.  Prepared homeopathically, these herbs are used for body detoxification and drainage.

General specific dietary recommendations for presenting complaints are prescribed after physical examination, consultation and E.I.S. Body Scan findings.