Russian Scenar

Scenar  is Acupuncture Therapy without needles

This is an exciting technology available to the public.  It is another Space Age Technology developed by Russia for cosmonauts to learn, train and treat themselves.  It is not practical to send medical doctors into space for health care.

This is an opportunity and the beginning of humans taking personal power and responsibility for their health.

This personal empowerment is through electro acupuncture and biofeedback.

This information technology and treatment is available at Hill Chiropractic…ask at the front desk.

The science and elucidation behind this ancient treatment therapy has been enlightened by such pioneers ad Dr. Voll and Dr. Robert Becker (1960s-90s)

Both of whom demonstrated and proved that the low readings of acupuncture points corresponding with symptoms of illness and disease.

The low readings were recorded on the skin as skin resistance (or lack of it) and may be understood as low voltage in the whole meridian system.

The Scenar through (electro) acupuncture points supplies electrical stimulation of the body meridian.  The brain in turn responds by balancing body electrical currents with the necessary voltage changes.

The meridian is a body pathway of energy often referred to as a “current” which lends itself ideally to electrical jargon.

When the body and brain begin responding to each other in this (re)balancing process to restore health, it is literally Biological feedback or Biofeedback.  This is an unconscious restoration of health.

It establishes a body-brain connection that a person may restore their health unconsciously.

It is a hope of health care practitioners and patients alike that they begin to recognize their habits (or experiences) that caused the body brain disconnection in the first place!