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Food Quality is related to Soil Quality: GMO Destroys Both

Food quality is related to soil quality:  GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Destroys Both “In a nutshell, herbicides are chelators that form a barrier around specific nutrients, preventing whatever life form is seeking to utilize that element from utilizing it properly”  It affects plants, soil (microbes) and animals/humans “The nutritional efficiency of genetically …

Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail Dr. Ron Hill Chiropractic Blog

Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail – Part 1

The Cayenne Wolfe Cocktail, a unique herbal / spice blend is available at Hill Chiropractic.  These herbs are common, very old even …

Antioxidants – Beyond the Berry

For the past 30 years, science and the general public have been fascinated and infatuated with antioxidants: common, exotic, old, ancient and …